You Take a Chance


Every time I go into a “gun-free zone” whether it’s posted, non-posted, or just part of the law, I have a decision to make. It seems to me that either choice is bad.

Today I went into a building that had no posting, but that I guessed had a policy against. This particular building is in a really bad part of town. The facility itself appeared somewhat secure, but the surrounding neighborhood was questionable.

What to Do, What to Do

If I choose to honor the rules and not carry, then I take the chance that I won’t be able to protect myself if something bad goes down.

On the other hand, what if I choose to break the rules, and then something bad happens where I need to protect myself or others? If I pull the trigger, I am legally liable and vulnerable. In that position, I’m the one that could actually be prosecuted. And that is after I’ve stopped the bad guy.

Is it worth it? I would be trading the safety of my loved ones and others for possible legal prosecution.

Gun-Free Zones

Here is where my argument against gun-free zones kicks in. The fact is, I shouldn’t have to choose.

Not only do these posted areas attract those who would do harm, (because no one can stop them) but also I am now made the criminal. For making the decision to protect, I am now made to be the one in the wrong. Something is upside down here.

Our founding fathers established that it was our God-given right to protect ourselves. It is a basic human right. But gun-free zones turn this right on its head.

In fact the entire anti-gun and gun-control argument is on its cabeza. Parts of society have begun to view the aspect of protection as evil rather than good.

But through this reversal, the truth is that if you choose to carry where you are not supposed to, you take a chance. If you practice your God-given right to protect yourself, your loved ones, and those around you, you place yourself in jeopardy.

“You roll the dice, you take your chances.” Choose wisely.


What choice do you make when walking into a gun-free zone?

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  1. I used to have a “concealed means concealed” policy towards concealed carry. However, after reading Andrew Brancas book I’m definitely not carrying in places where it isn’t allowed. There are a LOT of potential legal ramifications of using your firearm in self defense in a GFZ that I didn’t know about before.

    I’m looking into a less lethal option to carry in a GFZ.

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