Why I Decided to Buy A Gun

High School Lockers

Have you ever had that dream where you are walking through the halls of your high school in your underwear? That is the worst. In my dream, I’m usually trying to find something like a room, or I have to take a test and I’m not prepared.


That is what it was like the day I realized I wanted to buy a gun. There was a person coming around who made us feel unsafe and I didn’t like that. I realized that if that person intended to cause damage, I couldn’t definitively stop them.

This was especially true if said individual were armed. The problem was that with this particular person, there was potential for that very thing.

It was my job to protect my family (from any threat), but I wasn’t quite sure that I could do it if deadly force were ever involved. I felt unprepared.

Now I’ve always enjoyed shooting, but I had never owned a gun before. I hadn’t seriously considered it for self-defense until that moment.


I had a talk with my wife to make sure we were on the same page. Then I began to save money and made the purchase.

Since then, I’ve used my guns several times to check things out in the middle of the night. When the creaks and bumps seem loudest, a loaded weapon feels like just the right amount of power. As I’m clearing each room in the dark I feel a little more prepared, even in my underwear.


What caused you to buy your first gun?

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