Why Gun Bans Just Don’t Stop Crime

Capitol Building

In response to some of the highly publicized mass shootings, there has been a move by some political leaders toward another ban. Many citizens agree, yet many do not.


When I heard about the shooting in Connecticut my heart was broken. Not only teachers and administrators, but young children were murdered in cold blood. As soon as I got home, I went to my daughter and held her tight. Many people swore on that day that something must be done so that a shooting like this would never happen again.  “Naturally” gun control was the answer.


Despite people’s emotional reactions and all the “expert” findings , I don’t believe banning a type of gun or magazine will stop a crime like mass murder. Gun control will not stop any crime for that matter, here’s why.

Mind Of A Murderer

Anyone planning to kill has already decided to break the law. They aren’t concerning themselves with the law or any ban (old or new). Law abiding citizens may chose to follow the rules and be restricted, but the killer won’t. Bans on types of rifles and types of magazines only hurt the law abiding. The people who decide to break the law will continue to do so despite a ban. To them it’s more of a “suggestion”.

My House

Now let’s imagine that a robber wants to break into my house while I sleep. He is not going to abide by any laws (new or old). If I decide to follow the rules and limit the type of weapon I have, that means I am probably outgunned in my own home.

The robber now has incentive. If he knows it’s illegal for me to be adequately armed, he may think his chances are good at my house. On the other hand, if the robber knows it is totally legal for me to be packing a large loaded weapon in my house, he may think twice.

Criminals aren’t stupid. In fact they seem to be very intelligent opportunists. If our freedoms are taken away, the criminals’ use their heads and see an opportunity. How about we start using our heads too?


Do you think a gun control ban would work on any level? Why or why not?

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