Why Can’t Glock Make a Smaller Single Stack?

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If you’ve been reading my blog, You may have picked up on the fact that I’m biased toward Glocks. They are blessedly utilitarian, simple and dependable.

I’m Torn

I love my full-sized model 22, but it isn’t the best carry option because of that size. I also know that there are many out there that like concealing the wide double stack subcompact Glocks, but I’m not one of them.

For me, the name of the game with concealed carry is overall size……….including width. The smaller the better.

Now I know that Glock came out with one single stack version, the 36 in .45 ACP. But this pistol confounds me. It could be smaller and thinner. The slide measures at 1.1 inches wide, but the grip continues unnecessarily out to about 1.2 inches.

The Competition

The hot new Springfield XD-S (in comparison) measures in at just one inch at it’s widest point. Why can’t Glock do that? I want them to do that.


I would argue that they just don’t want to…….and that’s where they are missing a huge market. Glock is the frontrunner in the larger framed guns, but now they have fallen behind in this newer slimline carry category.

It makes me wonder if Glock designers are stuck on past successes. They can’t seem to get out of the box (literally, if you know what I mean).

I personally know about 5 people that would immediately go make the purchase if Glock made a smaller thinner single stack that would compete with the likes of the XD-S, the Walther PPS or the Smith & Wesson Shield. It doesn’t have to behave differently than the bigger Glock pistols. I’m just talking about shaving off some belly fat.

What’s going on over there?


Am I the only one who feels this way?

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