Wheeling Federal Building Shooting

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Wednesday our local news made national headlines. Reports are that a man opened fire into the federal building in Wheeling, West Virginia with an “AK-47 style rifle”. Apparently the shooter was a former Wheeling police officer and also used to work at the (same) federal building as a guard.

Even though at least 20 shots were reported to be fired, the attack only resulted in minor injuries from flying glass. The shooter opened fire from across the street, reloading at least once.

His neighbors have reported that he was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer. That makes me think that this guy wanted to commit suicide by cop.

Before he started shooting, he warned all bystanders to get out of the way, so killing others wasn’t the motive. He wanted to die, but didn’t want to take anyone with him. It doesn’t appear that he had any plan of escape.

The end result was that the suspect was then shot by police. I have reason to believe SWAT took him out. He died at the hospital. Streets, businesses, and the federal building were all closed and locked down for hours.

Close to Home

Besides this being a very sad situation, It was basically in our back yard. It hits home. There have regularly been shootings in the national news for several years now, but this one was close. To see national news agencies report on this is just weird.

It only strengthens my resolve to protect myself and my family through conceal carry. What if my family and I were downtown yesterday? We were actually planning to be near the downtown the very next day.

Apparently this shooter didn’t intend on hurting anyone, but it could have easily been different. Considering that I’m usually carrying a .380, I don’t know that I would have been able to do much against a guy with an AK and a death wish. But I sure feel better armed than not. Now I more fully realize it can happen here.

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