What’s the Deal with Magpul’s New Color: Sand?


For some time now, Magpul has apparently been moving away from some of their previous popular colors (OD Green, Flat Dark Earth, Foliage) and has been returning to basic black. This is especially the case for their pmags. Recently, the company has released a new color for their AR and AK furniture called “Sand”.

At first glance, this color repulses me. It is almost white. I only see it blending in to the environment in a sandy desert, or maybe in a snow covered region (standing next to the Yeti).

But as I read about this new product, I can see some reasons for this seemingly strange addition:

1.Strength. Magpul is saying that this color allows the polymer to actually be stronger than the original black. This is especially true in extremely cold temps where the material tends to become brittle. Apparently, the previous non-black colors were even weaker.

2. RIT Dye. The company is purposefully putting out a product that they know will be modified. Water-based dyes absorb well into the light material and stay. Works well with spray paint too. Other that making the polymer completely white, Magpul has provided the perfect canvas for the tactical artist in all of us to paint our masterpiece upon. There are many camo design ideas out there on the net for the world to see already.

3. Lower IR Signature. Now, some of us may not care about this one, but I’ll wager there are quite a few in the military who do. Apparently the color and material combo on this product does something to keep it from showing up on infra red as much. Can we say, “Special Ops”?

In Conclusion, I don’t know that I’ll be rushing out to order any of these in the near future. But I guess I can see why Magpul made the addition.

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