What is it About the 1911?


What is it about the entire genre of the 1911 pistol? There’s something that draws me to this handgun and I know I’m not the only one.

Can’t Be

It can’t be the capacity. It only holds 8 + 1 . A double stack Glock 21 in the same caliber hold, well…..almost double that at 13 + 1 .

It can’t be the weight of the all steel frame. The 1911 weighs around 38 ounces empty. Again, I’ll use the Austrian polymer frame comparison. The full sized Glock 21 weighs in at a scant 27 (ish) ounces empty.

It can’t be the exposed hammer, the single/double action, the exterior thumb safety, or the extra thinking that comes with both. I prefer the simple striker-fired double action only pistols, no exterior safeties.

Could Be

It could be the width. I like the slim feel of the single stack, even though the capacity is low.

It could be the longer barrel at a full 5″.

It could be the caliber. Everyone knows that .45 ACP isn’t playing around. That’s man territory there.

It could be the history and even heritage behind the model. I can still picture John Wayne in World War II fatigues getting ready to attack somebody’s machine gun nest with a 1911.

Hard To Explain

The 1911 isn’t flashy, it has some rough edges, it kind of appears antiquated to me, but despite all that, man is it beautiful.

It’s kind of like an old car. I’d love to have one, just because. If I had the extra money I’d buy one in a heartbeat.


How ’bout you?

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  1. I know I’m late to this conversation, but I just had an opportunity last week to fire the 1911. Three 1911s, to be precise, in various models and barrel sizes (but all Kimbers).

    Let me tell you, I have never in my life picked up a weapon and so quickly felt comfortable and proficient the first time firing it as I did with the 1911. I was shocked. It felt like I had been firing one all my life, and was hitting consistently in the 9 ring from 15-20 YARDS. Yards. Not feet. I burned through over 300 rounds and only stopped because we ran out of ammo. I also had my M9 at the range, and fired 150 rounds through that. There was no contest. The 1911 blew it away in every respect (except ammo capacity, of course). Best handgun I have ever fired, hands down.

    I have wondered for years whether the 1911 would be as great as I thought it would be, and now I’m completely in love with the weapon. I now have in my possession one of these weapons (full size, 5 inch barrel, in all 38 ounces of its glory), and the M9 has been immediately relegated to “home defense” status only.

    • Congrats. I had a chance to shoot my first 1911 2 years ago and loved how it felt. If you ever get a chance to shoot the full sized Glock 21 in .45, give it a try. It holds 13 and the recoil felt even smoother than the 1911. Hope you enjoy your Kimber.

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