What DOES it Take to Kill a Zombie?

zombie ammo can

I remember watching Night of the Living Dead as a kid. It was a scary movie when it came out back in the day. The experience was quite traumatic.

Zombies, Zombies Everywhere

Now a days, Zombies are everywhere. I’ve heard there are more zombie-shooter video games than any other genre. I just saw 2 or 3 different zombie paper targets at my local gun shop. The best bumper sticker I ever saw read, “Zombie Response Team”.

I’m not sure what’s going on here. I mean I have yet to see a live (or more accurately living dead) zombie walking through my neighborhood. Is there really a zombie apocalypse coming?

The Gear

To add to my confusion, apparently only certain types of ammo and weapons will kill a zombie (although technically I think they’re already dead). If it’s a gun, It has to say “zombie” on the side somewhere and usually the gun has to have some sort of bright green. The other day at the afore mentioned gun shop I held an AR with “zombie” cut right out of the barrel guard.

This goes the same for ammunition, cannons, mini-guns, bazookas, knives, spears and chain saws. If it isn’t approved for zombie use, it will not be effective.

Also, you must carry your extra zombie-approved ammunition in an ammo can such as the one shown above. Otherwise some of the special zombie-killing power may wear off of the regularly approved ammunition.

By the way how do they test these products for effectiveness? Who are the test subjects? I wouldn’t want to do it, but guess a lot of people would die to get that job………. (Come on that was a joke.)

Big Problem

So where does that leave me in the upcoming zombie apocalypse? I’ve got 2 non-zombie-approved handguns and just regular ammo. I’m up a creek I guess.

Tell you what, if zombies come to my house, I’m risking it. I’ll shoot ‘em with the non-approved gear and let you know if it works.


Do you have the right zombie gear?

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