Weekend Reading Roundup


Every week I post articles from across the web on Facebook and tweet about them on Twitter. These are articles that I think are pertinent to the topics we discuss on my blog. I thought I’d round them up for your weekend reading. Enjoy.

President’s Gun Control Executive Order Will Totally Reduce Street  Crime – Hilarious. A gangsta’s view of the new executive orders

NRA Applauds ‘Gutted’ Chicago Gun Control Ordinance – The Chicago gun war continues

Gunmakers Were Serious about Relocating Because of ‘Offensive’ State Gun-Control Laws – Gun manufacturers are going to react to gun control

Sen. John Morse Ousted in Historic Vote, Vows to “Continue to Fight” – Colorado state senator Morse recalled

Bloomberg Wasted $350,000 on Colorado Recall – Voters in Colorado send a message

The Colorado Recalls Dealt a Serious Blow to Gun-Control Advocates. Here’s Why. – Fallout from the Colorado recall begins

Massive New Gun Taxes Proposed – If they can’t legislate guns they’ll tax them

Another Gun-Control Setback, This Time From Gang-Scarred Chicago – Gun control laws slacken in Chicago

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