Weekend Reading Roundup


Every week I post articles from across the web on Facebook and tweet about them on Twitter. These are articles that I think are pertinent to the topics we discuss on my blog. I thought I’d round them up for your weekend reading. Enjoy.

The Science of Hearing Protection – Good article on hearing loss / protection

Are 1911 Rail Guns Better than the Original? – Should the 1911 have rails?

Top 10 Reasons Why the U.S. Should Not Sign the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty – Reasons we should say “no” to the U.N.

Harvard Study: Gun Control is Actually Pretty Counterproductive – Harvard study debunks gun control agenda

8 Examples of Guns & Government Oppression – Government gun oppression examples

Missouri to Nullify Federal Firearm Laws While Obama Offers New Gun Control Measures – Another state moving to nullify federal gun control laws

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