Weekend Reading Roundup


Every week I post articles from across the web on Facebook and tweet about them on Twitter. These are articles that I think are pertinent to the topics we discuss on my blog. I thought I’d round them up for your weekend reading. Enjoy.

Gun control opponents turn out in force in Mass. – Massachusetts citizens speak out against gun control laws at town hall meeting

Colorado Recall Stifles Stalled Gun Control Efforts, Advocates Say – Gun control politicians think twice after Colorado recall

First 3D Printed Gun Is Now a Museum Exhibit – Printed gun makes it to a museum already

The Next Gun Control Debate — In 6 Charts – Voice of reason: The numbers associated with mass shootings and gun control.

Navy Yard Shooter Used Shotgun, Media Pushes ‘Assault Weapon’ Ban – The navy yard shooter had a shotgun when he started, not an assault rifle

Watch What Happens When a Pair of Girls Open-Carry in a Walmart (Hint: It Involves the Police) – Local police usually don’t understand the law when it comes to open carry

Gun Control’s Dead End – Navy yard shooting facts work against gun control

Update: High School AP History Book Rewrites 2nd Amendment – Texas high school curriculum looks to rewrite 2nd Amendment

Read & React: French Jeweler Shoots Robber, Charged with Murder – Good article on self defense laws in France

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