Voters in Colorado Send the World a Message

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For those of you not up to speed on the effort to recall two Colorado state lawmakers, don’t worry, I’ve got your back.

How it Started

Local Colorado constituents started a grassroots effort to recall their respective (but possibly not respected) representatives, after restrictive gun-control legislation was passed. Many polls showed that the Colorado democratic majority went against the will of the people and passed these laws as a “reaction” to the school shootings. I’ve always felt that those shootings were actually used as an excuse for enacting a preexisting agenda.

In the Colorado Springs area that involved Senator John Morse, the Democrat majority leader. In the Pueblo area it affected Senator Angela Giron.

By the Numbers

The evening of the vote, I checked the recall vote numbers before I went to bed. If you’ve watched any voting coverage, you know that it isn’t over until the last vote and chad has been counted. The numbers last night showed that Morse was trailing and might be recalled, but that Giron would pull it out and survive. That was with 76% of the votes tallied. One out of two is better than nothin’.

The next morning when I checked the final tally I saw a different story had unfolded. Morse lost 51 to 49 percent. Even more surprising to me was that Giron lost 56 to 44 percent. Two for two baby. I guess it’s not over ’til it’s over.

Sorry Mr. Mayor

To top it off, New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg and the Mayors Against Illegal Guns organization poured millions into ads to support these two and the effort to destroy the Second Amendment. Oops. They seemed to have wasted their money.


This recall should send a message that is loud and clear to Mayor Bloomberg, other gun controlling lawmakers, and leaders across this country (and the world). “No you cannot remove our God-given right to bear arms and get away with it.”

The efforts in Colorado were totally grassroots no matter what the media reported. Private citizens who had simply had enough stood up and took action. The first and most daunting  step was acquiring enough signatures, which they obviously did. After that it just took off.

My hope is that constituents in other states where their Second Amendment rights are being eroded will be inspired to do the same. If Colorado can do it, New York, Illinois, Connecticut, and even Washington D.C. can do it. Now that would really send a message. Yes, I know D.C. is not a state.

Don’t Stay Quiet

The powers that be (including the media) want us to think that there is nothing we can do. After all, we are just one voice. According to them, we are on the fringe and are the minority.

The truth actually is that the people in power are afraid of the truth. The conservative voice is still the majority. Don’t just stand there, do something. Instead of being paralyzed, contact your state and federal representatives. They work for us.

Those in elected office may or may not be unscrupulous people without ethics or morals who only care about being reelected, but they care about being reelected.

They will listen if the shouts are loud enough. If those who are voted into office even sniff a chance of being kicked out of office, they’ll start quaking. Then you’ve got their attention.

I ‘m guessing that the results of this recall got their attention. Wake up everyone.

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  1. The world needs to learn a lesson from Colorado. We are not to follow the bread crumbs; but are to follow God. Take authority over your government, and run it! God Bless.

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