The Truth Hurts the Left: Navy Yard Shooting


As I’ve been reading up on the shooting in D.C. at the navy yard, I begin to see some interesting facts pop up. It just takes some intelligence and intuition to translate, but the left can’t focus on these facts too much without contradicting their agenda.

The Shotgun

One of the biggest problems they have is the existence of the shotgun. Maybe a better way of saying it is the absence of an assault rifle. The AR-15 is easy to go after. At first it was reported that the shooter did indeed have an AR, and everyone on the left went salivatingly ballistic.

There is a problem with attacking guns after this tragedy which involved, not an assault rifle, but instead a shotgun. NO ONE is going to try to regulate shotguns first. That would be absolute political suicide (and I might add would signal every American that the government has gone too far). For goodness sake, Uncle Joe Biden told us to go with shotguns.

Alexis’ Mental Health

A second problem progressives have with the truth here is the mental instability of the shooter. Alexis slipped through the cracks of the laws already set up. The government looks foolish and incapable here. If they can’t do their job with preexisting stopgaps, how can we believe they will be effective with further power.

Gun Free Zone

The “gun free” zone that is Washington D.C. also works against the left here. As I understand the draconian gun laws in that city, the very act of bringing the shotgun into the city limits was illegal. This doesn’t even bring into consideration that the base itself created a second layer of restriction against being able to carry.

This means that Aaron Alexis was acting against the law as soon as he entered the city limits with the firearm, and was a criminal. As obvious as this statement is, it must be said. No criminal follows the rules.

Therefore, no laws, new or old will stop a man set on murder. In fact all the failed regulations that were being discussed after Newtown would not have stopped this man.

Time to Kill

Furthermore, because they give killers a safe area for several minutes, gun free zones act to attract killers, not repel them. They know they won’t be opposed for a large chunk of time that they can use. This is how our military forces act against a known enemy.

In this case, the first armed security officer arrived 7 minutes after the shooting started. And he was gunned down. So was a second guard. It wasn’t until the “SWAT” team arrived (15 to 20 minutes after the first shot!) that any effective resistance was made.

I would put forth that if the shooter knew that regular military personnel and civilians were allowed to carry on the facility, this would have never happened.

The Truth Hurts

I don’t know how the progressive left is going to try to spin this, but they can’t rely on the facts. The truth only hurts their cause.


What do you think of the facts unraveling out of the navy yard shooting?

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