The Second Amendment: Guard Dog of Our Freedoms


Our right to bear arms is like a dog trained to protect a property from intruders.

I’ve often thought that the 2nd amendment actually protected everything else. If it wasn’t included in the constitution, all our other rights would have been stolen years ago.

Sure the right to free speech is particularly important to all of us (including a blogger). But if the right to bear arms was not present, all the other rights afforded by the constitution and its amendments wouldn’t have enough power to survive.

One Small Problem

The fact of the matter is that those who would move us toward socialism or an even worse government model government don’t care about any of our rights. Those rights just get in their way.

But, in order to seize more power for themselves, they must first find a way to remove the Second Amendment. Otherwise they have that pesky armed citizenry to deal with.

Guard Dog on Premises

Let’s look at it this way. If someone wants to break into a building and take what they desire, they must first deal with the big, strong, teethy, ferocious guard dog on duty. If they don’t take out the dog first, they will get bit, they might even be killed. But if the threat from the guard dog is removed, the intruders can have their way.

In the same way, if our Second Amendment is nullified, progressives could then do whatever they desire with our country. There would be no physical way to stop them.

All Fall Down

Then rights to free speech, lawful search and seizure, assembly, fair trial, and everything else don’t mean as much. Because we wouldn’t have the right or ability to physically defend ourselves from an oppressive government, the dominoes would just topple after that.


On the other hand, if we stand for our Second Amendment rights now, we may have a fighting chance later. Let’s keep feeding the dog and keep it alive.

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