The Reassurance of Trigger Discipline


The Issue

It never fails. As soon as I see it I know. When I observe a person with their finger on the trigger and see that they are not ready to shoot, I know they are not used to being around guns. It’s a dead giveaway.

To be honest, it wasn’t that many moons ago that I could be blamed for this gun safety violation as well. I haven’t owned a firearm all that long. I never really bothered to teach myself gun safety before that, but I learn quickly.

I’ve had several experiences where a person had his finger on the trigger and it’s made me a little nervous. In addition to that, they were indiscriminately swinging the gun around in every direction (but that’s another post). I knew the gun was not chambered, but it still made me feel insecure.

The inverse of that is also true. If I see a person practicing proper trigger discipline, it gives me some reassurance. I know that individual has a competent knowledge of how to handle a weapon. I’m fairly certain I, or someone around me is not going to be accidentally shot.

The Solution

So here’s a tip for all you newbies out there. Keep that trigger finger on the outside of the trigger guard at all times until the moment you are ready to shoot. It will make all the people with experience feel much better. It will also keep everyone and everything safe.

You can practice this discipline as well. Try it when no one else is around. Unload your weapon and simply carry it around the house. Concentrate on keeping that finger outside the trigger guard while making sure it isn’t pointed at anything you wouldn’t want to shoot. You’ll look like you know what you’re doing in no time.


Do you have any trigger discipline stories?

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