The Little Gun That Could: Taurus TCP 738

Taurus TCP 738

The first gun I ever bought was a small semi-auto Taurus TCP 738 .380. It has a polymer frame with a blued slide. This gun holds 6 rounds in the magazine. Only 2 fingers fit on the handle below the trigger guard.


I bought this .380 because the price was right. It retailed at around $229.00 everywhere I looked. I walked into my local gun shop one day and saw it on sale for $169.00. I bought it the next day.


I started using Sellier & Bellot FMJ rounds in this pocket pistol on a recommendation from a friend. The ammunition has worked out so well that I’ll probably never use anything else.


A lot of people out there say they wouldn’t touch a Taurus with a ten foot pole because they are so cheap. I have had no problem with this hand gun whatsoever. It has never failed to fire or eject. I consider it an excellent value for the price.

Stopping Power

I’m also aware that a .380 round is at the very bottom of the recommended self-defense power spectrum. Most guys won’t even carry anything below a 9 mil. It’s has a small projectile and doesn’t even break the sound barrier.

I’m not going to be bringing this derringer to the local gun brawl any time soon. Instead there’s a different role I want it to play. Little .380’s are better suited for startling unsuspecting attackers who think their prey is toothless. I’m choosing to sacrifice power for surprise.


I love this little gun because of the size. It’s just over ¾’” wide and is only 5 ¼” long. It fits nicely into a holster in the waist band with no “printing” through the shirt. I can even get away with just a tee shirt and shorts. This weapon is perfect for concealment. That is exactly why I bought it.


Do you have a carry pistol? What is it? Why did you decide to go with it?

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