The Gun: Just a Tool


Today I used my saw to cut an angle at the end of a strip of wood to make a stake. I then used my hammer to drive that stake into the ground to make a barrier around my sapling peach trees. The deer keep eating them. I consider the option to use those tools a pretty good thing.

If I didn’t have those tools, I would probably be trying to cut a stake with my teeth and I don’t even want to discuss how I would drive the stake into the ground.

Tools were made to get a job done. They don’t possess a quality of good or evil, they just are.

The actions of the user define the quality of the situation. If I would use the hammer to commit murder, then that makes my actions evil, but not the hammer.

The Gun

A gun is also just that……a tool. It is neither good, bad, or evil. The actions of the user define the situation, not the gun. Let’s not blame it on the inanimate object.

If a gun is used to defend the innocent, then it is a good thing. If a gun is used to commit robbery or murder, then it is a bad or evil thing.

Ultimately, it’s up to the user to make responsible decisions with the tool. I need to know what my hammer is capable of, and how to use it responsibly and effectively. The same is true with my gun.

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