The Duplicity of the Gun Control Agenda

sheeps clothing

It amazes me that there are so many positions on gun control. I have no problem with people disagreeing with me, they have a right to their own opinion.


On the other hand there are people with an agenda destructive to our country who lie about what their real message is (wolf/dog in sheep’s clothing). That I take issue with. If you’re going to take a stand, take a stand. Don’t hide behind a lie. Don’t say one thing, but really mean another. Don’t be duplicitous.


This is how it goes:  The real aim of those who are perpetuating gun control is………. control. They know they can’t come out and say it because that would obviously cause a few problems. “We want to take away your rights and freedoms so we can have a lot more power.”

Wouldn’t work. There would be a quick a massive uprising of the American people that would remove those who pose the threat.

Different Strategy

So They need a different tactic. Guns are the problem. Private guns give the citizens (as a whole) the power needed to offset the government. That is the whole reason the Second Amendment was put into the constitution.

The Lie

Instead they do it in the name of “safety”. After all, who could be against making our innocent children safe? Those who are gullible believe the lie that the government can make them safer and jump on the bandwagon. That quickly they sell their freedom for protection.

The problem is, The agenda is duplicitous. It’s not about safety, it’s about control.

The Numbers Tell the Truth

In fact, the “safety” argument doesn’t hold water. Cities like Chicago and D.C. show that more gun control equals more crime and death, not less. Cities with less gun control have less crime, not more.

But I digress, That’s not what the gun control agenda is really about anyway. It’s about controlling us. They can’t fully control us until they effectively take away our right to offset their power. Duplicity.

It’s not about controlling the guns for our safety, it’s really about us for their own benefit. Don’t buy the lie.

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