The Comaraderie of Gun Talk


Have you ever found yourself talking with someone about guns? Maybe you both enjoy the subject, or it came up in casual conversation.

As for me, as soon as you put a certain group of my friends and I together, our conversation will eventually end up on the topic of firearms. We all like guns. We all like to talk about them.

We’ll talk about pistols, rifles, calibers, ammo, holsters and targets. The subtopic really doesn’t matter, as long as the topic is guns.

Expect the Unexpected

Sometimes I will unexpectedly stumble onto the issue with a stranger. Sometimes it will happen with an acquaintance that I didn’t know was interested in the subject until it comes up. Either way, talking about guns builds a sort of bond. It builds camaraderie.

If you were to throw a group of complete strangers who have different backgrounds but all liked guns into a room together, I bet it wouldn’t even take 10 minutes until the topic of firearms comes up.

Invisible Bond

There is this invisible, yet strong connection formed between people interested in guns. It’s cuts through all demographics and boundaries. Rich, poor, old, or young it doesn’t matter

Although the majority of my friends with whom I talk about firearms are men, there are a few who are women. That doesn’t seem to change anything. If people are gun buffs, they’re gun buffs.

Differing Opinions

Some who are reading this are thinking, “Oh brother.” But that’s alright. I’m secure in my gunhood.

I also know that this is a somewhat exclusive behavior. Some people (see paragraph above) are not interested in the subject. You may find the topic of guns boring, or maybe even offensive. That’s ok too. I try to respect your opinion. I will only bring it up with people whom I know it’s safe.


The point is, I’m passionate about the whole topic of guns. I love it. This is part of how God made me. When I find other people with the same love, I just sort of wake up and come alive a little more. I guess you either love it or……you don’t.


Do you find camaraderie with others when it comes to talking about guns?



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