The Colorado Movie Theater Shooting


The Article

Even if there were people with concealed weapons present, they would not have been able to react effectively and stop the murderer. This was the basic premise in an article I read after the July movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado.

What Happened

Twelve people were killed and fifty-eight others were injured when a shooter fired on the viewers of a late night opening for the Batman film, The Dark Night Rises. The theater was a posted gun-free zone.

The killer wore a gas mask and body armor. Tear Gas was popped as soon as he entered the front of the theater. The author mentioned that the tear gas would have disoriented everyone.

He also said that because of the tendency to lock up in these types of situations, normal people with conceal carry permits would not have been up to the task. According to his piece, the average citizen is not trained in combat scenarios and that said citizen doesn’t have as much practice on the range to be a good marksman.

Tough Shot

The body armor on the killer would have protected the vital areas in the chest cavity which is easiest to hit. Only a well-placed shot from a pistol into a non-armored area would have created a stop. I agree, that would indeed be a tough shot.

Don’t Even Try

There were other items on his list, but basically the author was saying that it’s a dead issue. That’s the end of the conversation as far as he’s concerned. We should leave it alone because it couldn’t have been stopped. Don’t even try.


I’m an average citizen. There are some who may indeed have locked up. I may be one of them, but If I was there with a gun I would have tried. Rather than being told that it just can’t be done, I’d like to be given the chance. I guess I don’t like being told to give up. Who knows God willing, I might have stopped him.


Do you like being told to give up and how do you think you would have reacted?

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  1. Good article. I’ve thought about this a lot.

    1) A lot of us are combat trained. This includes training in the use of, and under the effects of, CS gas. If you know how to react, you can react really well.

    2) Body armor protects vital organs. It does nothing to prevent or impede the laws of physics of physics – specifically kinetic energy, inertia, etc. A .45, .40, or even 9mm round impacting the dead center of body armor carries with it all of the kinetic energy that it otherwise carries if it impacts soft tissue. Meaning, that round WILL be felt, and will likely knock the amor wearer to the ground. A “controlled pair” of rounds is even better. I’d rather have a fighter’s chance with a concealed 9mm than to place my hopes in the odds of a sitting duck. Particularly considering that the armor wearer in Aurora was a coward and an amateur, a round impacting even in his armor – for that matter, even the returned fire itself – could buy enough time to either escape and allow others to escape, or better, finish the job by “clearing the objective.”

    • Good point. I’ve heard that for most of these killers, there is an “imaginary bubble” that is popped when they receive return fire (or even the chance of it).

      I like the sound of the phrase “clearing the objective”.

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