The Assault Weapons Controversy

Assault Rifle

Considering the amount of publicity the so called “assault rifle” is receiving these days, I thought it would be a good idea to delve into the question of why? Why the assault rifle? Why now? Why has there been a push on the federal and state levels to ban this weapon?


Is it because mass shootings have been perpetrated with the assault rifle? Crimes are committed with them? They’re dangerous?

Is it even because The AR is the weapon that could be used to “stop” a federal government that is out of control?

Is it the power? The logistics of ammo supply? The ease of learning how to shoot them? Is it because the assault weapon in the hands of an armed populace threatens those in power?


To all of these I give a qualified answer……No.

Those issues by themselves may or may not be true, but they are not the reason the AR is under fire.

Acceptable Rifle

Let’s look at any hunting/varmint rifle that shoots the exact same caliber. It’s made with a wood stock, no pistol grip, and an ammo tube rather than a magazine. The shape, color, and lack of magazine make it “acceptable”.


A semi-auto pistol that will (obviously) be smaller than a rifle doesn’t have all that negativity. It may be black, but the magazine is inside the grip and there aren’t all those nasty protrusions.


They have that wood thing again. No magazine (barring the Saiga) and will only hold rounds in the single digits.


Revolvers are old tech, played out. They only hold 5 to 8 rounds (ish) and they are usually that pretty silver shade. They’re good.


The Assault rifle on the other hand is mean looking, utilitarian, ugly. Usually it’s black in color and has a lot of “protrusions”. Therefore it’s easier to paint as menacing and evil. I mean it has rails and optics and grips for cryin’ out loud. Grips!


The thing is, those acceptable forms of firearms may be ok because of their looks but…..They will still kill you dead.


In reality there is an element pushing to erode away the right to bear arms and the assault rifle is the logical first step. Actually it’s not the first step (National Firearms Act, circa 1934), but It’s probably too late to discuss that issue.

If you wanted to slowly turn up the heat on that frog in the water pot, you wouldn’t do it quickly and you wouldn’t pick “normal” everyday guns. You’d pick something that is perceived as being in the minority, the fringe, easy to create division.

The AR is the perfect type of gun to start with.


Those who would move to ban the Assault Rifle say that they would stop there to strike a compromise between taking our rights and protecting us from harm. But they wouldn’t stop there.

I suggest they would work their way down the list. In order….assault rifles, then semi-auto hunting rifles, then semi-auto pistols, then semi-auto shotguns, then double-action revolvers. After that would come bolt-action hunting rifles, then pump shotguns, then single-action revolvers. Finally the single shot rifles and shotguns would go.

After that, we are disarmed.

The Point

My point is it starts/continues with assault rifles.


Why do you think there is so much focus on assault rifles?

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