Tactical Christmas Stocking


Here’s a cool gift from my wife. A tactical Christmas stocking. She got it online from nationalparksdepot.us . They fill it with a bunch of cool stuff and send it off to you. $33 plus $5 shipping. Not bad. the camo stocking itself features MOLLE attachments, clips, a velcro area for patches, and a pouch. Included inside the stocking are: a wire saw, spring assist knife, a metal and flint fire starter (with lighter fluid and wick), emergency whistle, para chord bracelet, lensatic compass, emergency Mylar blanket, tactical flashlight (with focusing lens), and a little multi-tool that is the size of a credit card. If you are interested in getting this for someone (or yourself) for next Christmas, there is a months long waiting list. Follow the National Parks Depot company on Facebook, and they can get you hooked up.

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