Surprise: What I Found When I Came Home


glock on the deskI came home at around 10:00pm. My Daughter was in bed, my wife was working at her computer, and this is what I see. My Glock 22 in the Serpa holster, sitting on the desk beside her.

My immediate question to her is “Ummm………everything OK?”. She responded that she had heard some noises outside and wanted to have protection beside her just in case.

That’s my girl. I taught her that, and feel a little pride.

I also like the Serpa holster for this role, no accidental touch of the trigger (the gun is hot). It’s safe, but ready to go.

It’s reassuring that if there really was a dangerous problem, she at least has a fighting chance. With a full sized .40 cal., maybe a little more.

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  1. Hey now… You taught me well. 😉 You should be very proud.

  2. Having a wife that can handle a firearm makes it easier leaving the family at home. I don’t have to worry as much, knowing that she can pull just about anything I have in my gun safe and repel any attempt at hurting our family. What is funny is that she rarely shoots with me, but is accurate with my .22LR target pistol as I am with a scoped rifle! If she can see it she can hit it, which is definitely fine by me (I learned to quit competing with her on any level a decade ago)!

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