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If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you know that our police officers are under fire in America. A message has been pushed by those with an agenda. This agenda says that the majority of law enforcement officers are abusive to minorities. The truth is only a tiny sliver of the police in our country are bad apples.

The majority of Americans are good honest people. Because of this, we recognize that the super majority of all police are good, honest people as well.   They are the men and women who make up the thin blue line that protects us from anarchy. Each of them sacrifice time with their families and risk their lives every day to keep us safe.

I’m beginning to hear that LEO’s are starting to feel unsupported. We can’t have that. Our police officers have to know that we have their backs.

It’s time we show our support.  There are many ways we can express our appreciation and support for our local law enforcement. I chose to go the personal route.

Today, at my local supermarket, an officer was sitting in his cruiser keeping the area secure. Because I know the police are trained to keep their guard up, I didn’t want to spook him, so I approached slowly. I stayed in his field of view, made eye contact, and waved (keeping both hands in view). He lowered his window. I kept a respectful and safe distance.

When he asked how I was doing, I simply told him how much I appreciated his service. I communicated that in light of what is happening in the news, I supported him.

The officer was very appreciative and friendly and we talked for a couple minutes about the headlines. Then I went shopping.

That’s all it takes. Anyone can do it. Just don’t freak out the officer by sprinting to his cruiser and screaming your appreciation.

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  1. Good idea. After reading this, had the chance to thank an officer I saw at a gas station. He seemed appreciative.

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