Should I Buy a Gun On the Grid?

Grid City

Have you ever heard someone say that they are living “off the grid”.  That means they are unplugged from the world and don’t want anyone to know about or interfere with their lives.

Each time I bought one of my firearms from the local gun shop they ran an FBI background check on me.  I supplied my name, address, social security number, citizenship and phone number.  At that moment, I and that purchase were placed “on the grid.”  Congratulations Mr. Bruce, the United States Government now knows that you probably just made a gun purchase!


I realize that there are some people who, upon reading the last paragraph have just decided that I am either crazy or stupid.  There are those who don’t want the government to know anything about their guns.  In fact I know people who will only buy at gun shows.

Knowledge Is Power

This concept is at the very heart of some of the latest gun contol efforts.  Some in the federal government are not comfortable with being in the dark about what weapons are changing hands in sales between private owners and at gun shows.  The latest legislation attempts would have closed that “loophole”.


I have chosen instead to go the other route.  I don’t have a problem with those who want to stay off the weapons grid.   Actually I’m not all that crazy about the federal government knowing about my gun purchases, but I want to accomplish something else.

I want my purchase to be on the record.  The Second Amendment exists so that we have checks and balances for the government.  They must take into account the combination of the estimated undocumented weapons, plus all the weapons purchases on record.  This last category includes myself.  I want to stand and be counted.


What do you think, on or off the grid?

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