Shooting Party with Friends

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Friends, food, fun and of course firearms……..what more could you ask for in a get together. Yesterday, 15 of us got together at one of our houses and shot to our hearts content for almost 6 hours straight.


The idea was to bring as many guns as we wanted, and share with everyone. There were pistols, revolvers, rifles and shotguns. I think there were at least 20 different weapons, but sadly I was only able to shoot 15 of them. I needed more time!

Candy Store

As you can see from the picture above, the list included :  Glock (s) 17, 34, 21, and 22. Steyr m40, Smith and Wesson M&P 40, Taurus tcp .380, 2 Smith and Wesson .38 specials, , a small 4 shot .22 revolver, Walther PPS .40, an old Winchester bolt action 12 gauge shotgun, an old Winchester bolt action .22, a Mossberg tactical 12 guage pump, 2 AR-15’s, a Yugoslavian AK-47, single shot 10 guage shotgun, DPMS .308 semi-auto rifle with scope and bull barrel, Desert Eagle .50, Smith and Wesson .500 revolver, and to top it off, a single shot, bolt action .50 BMG rifle. I think that’s it.

We all brought plenty of ammo and let people shoot anything they wanted. This was fun for those of us who shoot regularly, but very helpful for those just getting started, or not sure if they wanted to. Everyone got to check things out and see what they liked and didn’t like. Our host spared no expense and brought out all the guns and ammo we requested.

Safety First

For safety, we laid down some basic operating rules. Several firing lines were established and each person walked to the line with an empty weapon. They loaded up at the firing line. Communication was regular and often when preparing to fire, and no one was caught unaware.

Target Practice

For targets, we shot at paper and metal. I just recently had to replace a dead dishwasher, so I also brought the old door and we set it up first at 200 meters for the scoped .308. We then brought it in to 100 meters for the .50 caliber, .22, 12 gauge Mossberg (with deer slugs), and I was even able to hit it with the Glock 34 in 9 mil. There is just something satisfying about hearing the “crack” of a bullet making contact with a household appliance.


It was mostly up to the womenfolk to bring the food and they came through in a big way.  We ate soups, bread, veggies, fruit, cookies and brownies. I was grazing all day long in between shots.

But these ladies aren’t your “stuck in the kitchen types” at all. They also did their fair share of shooting. There were a few who were just starting out and did great, but there were some who shot as much (if not more) than the menfolk. I was a little frightened.

I’ve included some more pictures below, and the video of me shooting the .50 is down there as well. My shoulder still hurts.

If I were to win the lottery I don’t think I could have had more fun. I’m just hoping we can do it again.


Do you get together with friends and shoot?

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