Semi-Automatics Vs. Revolvers

Semi-auto vs Revolver

In the wide world of handguns, there can be two polarizing camps. One is the semi-automatic pistol, the other is the revolver. There are some who straddle the fence but for those who prefer one type over the other, there is really no choice. Fans are adamant about which is better and can’t even consider themselves on the other side.

My Dad and I are a good example of this.

Me And My Semi-Auto

I happen to feel this way about semi-autos. Love ‘em. Besides the fact they just look cool, they’re quick and thin. These are the pistols you are going to see the military or police units using and for good reason.

Semi-autos feel more balanced to me because the handles are usually closer to the barrel line.

Pistols can hold more ammo than a revolver, some much more. They can also be reloaded quicker with the use of a magazine.

Yes, I know about speed loaders, but I can shoot 15 rounds through my Glock before I change clips. That’s worth about 2 or 3 speed loaders.

That’s why I think the revolver is so yesterday. They remind me of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood with cowboy hats on.

My Dad And His Revolver

My father (on the other hand) happens to prefer revolvers. He has a Ruger single action .357 that he shoots all the time.

To him, revolvers are the familiar and trusted. Their simple mechanics are tried and true. A revolver is more likely to fire and less like likely to jam.

I haven’t asked him, but I think Dad looks at a semi as overly complicated. Too many things can go wrong with all those pieces.

The Common Denominator

When I lay this all out in a post I’m forced to laugh. Despite all the differences, all the biases and all the technical specs there is one glaringly obvious similarity about both types of handguns. A speeding bullet comes out of the barrel shortly after a loud bang.

Happy Father’s Day Dad.


Which do you prefer: semi-automatic or revolver?

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