Rattle Can Camo


For several years now, I have been intrigued by spray paint camouflage projects that have been floating around the web. Works of art on a tactical canvas using paint, stencils, and imagination. People paint everything from vehicles, to rifles, to even smaller items.

I decided I wanted to try my hand. For spray paint, I went with Rustoleum’s Camoflage 2x Ultra Cover in Khaki, Earth Brown, Army Green, and Deep Forest Green. I cut shapes into cereal boxes for stencils, and I also used an old fishing net to break up the patterns a little.

My first experiment was on a Blackhawk holster. I wanted to create something that would blend with MultiCam. It turned out ok.

pouch and holster

For my second attempt, I purchased 2 plain black Pmags. I used the same MultiCam pattern on one, and experimented with a arid/desert pattern on the other.

spray paint mags

With both patterns, I first laid down a light base color. Then I covered the mags with the net, and judiciously used the stencils in different positions, with different colors to create a viable camouflage. It was an enjoyable experience for me to experiment to find the look I was going for. I’ll  post if I paint anything else.

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