This Would Have Been a Bullet Hole: Why Talk Doesn’t Work

Ok, so this one goes back to my first CCW class. We were working through airsoft scenario training, which I highly recommend. Each scenario was different. The good guy was told to go into another room while the rest of the class set up the situation … [Click to read the full article]

Bushnell TRS-25 Micro Dot: Best Cheap Reflex Sight


After getting my AR-15, I had been looking for an optic to mount on the top. I wanted a reflex sight that didn't break the bank. I like Eotechs, but the funds weren't exactly there. To say I did some research before buying is an understatement. We … [Click to read the full article]

Single Stack 9mm Glock, Model 43, Finally

glock 43 a

Last year, the Glock 42 was unveiled with much fanfare. I made the case why the pistol in .380 auto was ok for concealed carry purposes. But that a single stack 9mm similar in size to the 42 would be even better. I whined and complained about how … [Click to read the full article]

Here We Go Again: The Proposed Ammunition Ban Executive Order

.223 silver

Word of a new executive order from the president was mentioned on Thursday. The newest piece of paper from the Oval Office would ban the sale and manufacture of armor piercing rounds used in the immensely popular AR-15 platform. Not unexpectedly, … [Click to read the full article]

Magpul’s New Drum Magazine

magpul drum

  I've mentioned this before, but I just love Magpul products. Everything they make is well thought out, insanely simple to use, extremely practical, yet surprisingly affordable. Each item is made with high quality materials, making the … [Click to read the full article]