No Nickel-Plated Sissy Pistol for Me: Glock 22

Glock 22

I own a Glock 22. For those of you not familiar with the strange Austrian number naming system, that is the standard sized Glock chambered for the .40 caliber Smith & Wesson round.  It is one of my favorites.


When preparing to buy it, I did a lot research to make sure I was getting the best pistol for my money. But I must be honest about something. I was a little biased. I’ve wanted a Glock for a long time. It was probably Tommy. “Get yourself a Glock and get rid of that Nickel-Plated sissy pistol.” When it was time to buy, the question was really 9 millimeter or .40 cal.

My Bias

I like the way Glocks look, they feel very solid and they are very reliable. “You can shoot ‘em with sand in the barrel.” Haven’t made any plans to go to the beach with a large .40 caliber hand gun, so that one’s probably not an issue for me. Probably prints through the swim trunks.

The Gun

It’s your basic Glock, with the polymer frame, dark grey Tennifer coated slide and fixed sights. When I hold it next to my .380 there is a slight size disparity. It looks like a cannon in comparison. The size of the larger barrel diameter helps with that as well.

Home Defense

I bought this gun with the express purpose of defending my home if someone comes in without my consent. I’ve heard some call them nightstand guns. With the larger caliber and supersonic velocity, It will definitely do the job. I also like the fact that I have 15 rounds for the bad guy before I need to reload.


Do you have a primary gun for protecting the home? Why did you decide to go that route?

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  1. Beretta M9 (92FS). It’s an old friend; an extension of my arm. I have no doubt that I can operate it effectively in the dark while half asleep, if need be. Its accuracy is a nice complement to its 15 round magazine (if someone’s trying to hurt my family (or even steal my worthless stuff), I’d rather not have any of those 15 rounds hurting the things I want to protect).

    • Good to hear from you Barry. Nice M9. That’s so true. You want to be very familiar with your home defense weapons.

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