Navy Yard Shooting

navy yard

This morning I heard on the radio that there was a shooting at a navy facility in our nation’s capitol. Apparently a disgruntled ex-navy avionics electrician opened fire on employees coming into work.

Gun Control

Unfortunately, we all know what’s coming next. There are those who will try to use this tragic event to push more gun-control legislation. It’s already being hinted at.


But with all compassion and respect for the families involved, I want to point out that there is another important issue here. Military personnel are not permitted to carry “on base”.

This is similar to the shooting at Ft. Hood. Members of our armed forces, who are better trained in how to handle weapons than the majority of the population, are not allowed to be armed on any of our military bases. They are paid to carry in “hot zones” overseas, but they are not allowed to be armed when they on their respective bases.

No Carry Zones

Very similar to civilian “no carry” zones, military bases can be magnets for those looking to kill. The shooter knows in advance that they will not be opposed by anyone carrying a weapon for several minutes. I think this is especially true at our bases in the states. When unarmed victims have to wait minutes for the police or security to come on the scene, It’s too late.

Wake Up

The world is changing. I don’t buy that Nidal Malik Hasan was acting by himself. Our Country is under attack. In this day and age, our military personnel on bases in the states need to be treated like those out in the field where attack is expected.

If the administration is going to go after guns and the right to bear arms after this heinous crime has been committed, the whole story needs to be discussed. Let’s look at arming our service members first.


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