Naked Family Bus Trip

PA Sign

No, It’s not what you think.


Yesterday my family took a church sponsored trip to see a production of Noah at the Sight and Sound Theater near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Five hours (one way). The ride on the bus was as good as can be expected for such a long trip. There were no major problems. The show was great and I’d recommend it to anybody who can go.


But there was one problem, Pennsylvania. In case you’re not aware, Ohio’s concealed carry permit does not reciprocate with PA and vice versa. I thought about doing it anyway, but the chance of getting caught and charged with a gun felony was too much for me.


So I decided to follow the laws of Pennsylvania and not carry my pistol concealed. I felt……….naked. I’ve had my permit for a grand total of 35 days and I’m already noticing when it’s not there. It just feels different without that weight there on my hip. I kind of felt exposed.

Non- Issue

But I took one for the team and enjoyed the day without carrying. You know what? I’m still alive. No one was killed or maimed on my watch. It all worked out just fine.

I’m reminded here that God is really the one in charge of the protection detail here. He just lets me participate everyone in a while.


Do you have any good stories about not being able to carry?

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  1. You were 30 minutes away! Wish I had known. I could have smuggled you to my range.

    God is definitely in command. Who should you fear?

    Besides, nearly everyone in PA has a CCW. You were likely surrounded not only by angels, but by law-abiding citizens exercising their 2nd Amendment rights.

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