My New Nightstand Gun Safe: Barska Biometric Safe

barska safe

For a while now, I’ve been saving up for a gun safe I can keep by my bedside. I wanted to safely keep everything out of my daughter’s reach, but yet have quick access to my pistols in an emergency. This obviously points toward biometric technology.

After doing some research, I decided to go with a biometric safe made by Barska. Although there were a few disadvantages, this safe seemed to have more of the features I wanted:


The price was much lower than competing brands. This one cost $189.98 on Amazon, while the competition was up over $300. This factored very high for me.

As I mentioned, It keeps my my daughter’s hands off, yet allows me to quickly get my hands on my firearms. It is made well enough that there is no way she could break into it.

It had very high ratings on Amazon 4.5 stars out of 5. That was out of 388 Amazon customer reviews.

The biometric scanner was said to be much more accurate and reliable. Amazon reviews for other biometric safes didn’t give good reviews for the scanners. They had a tendency to be hit or miss. I saw this as being a slight problem in an emergency.

Up to 30 different fingerprints can be stored.

Recording new fingerprints into memory was quick and easy.

The scanner recognizes the fingerprints on record from every angle I’ve tried.

If the batteries go dead, 2 keys were included and can operate the lock.

The safe has a flat top. Since this safe is on my nightstand, I want to put stuff on top of it. Other safes had angled tops, which means nothing could be placed on their tops (stuff would slide right off).

It has bolt holes for securing it to the floor, wall or surface.

I can easily get both of my pistols, an extra magazine, ammo, and a knife in the safe with room to spare. But…


It’s a tad too big. For a nightstand safe, it is a little cumbersome. This will take some getting used to.

There is no way to turn off the beeping noise it makes (and I mean that) . An intruder is going to know I’m doing something unless they are deaf.

The door has to be pulled opened after it is unlocked. It doesn’t pop open on it’s own.

No interior light.

Four AA batteries are the only source of power.

Definitely could be broken into with tools.


Overall I’m very happy with this safe, especially for the money. It keeps my family safe in more ways than one and that’s priceless.

Check out the Barska biometric safe at Amazon here.


Do you have any gun safes in the house?


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