My Comments Policy


The World Wide Web is all about conversation. But a few simple guidelines can keep the conversation from becoming a shouting match that discourages others from participating.

Here is my comments policy. By posting on my blog, you are agreeing to the following:

  1. You may post anonymously. I don’t recommend this, but you may do so if you wish. However, you must provide a valid email address in order to make comments. Your email address will not be publicly visible. I may change this rule if it abused.
  2. You may post follow-up questions. If you have a question, you’re probably not the only one. Therefore I’d rather field those questions on my blog than via email.
  3. You may disagree with me.  I welcome debate.  However, if you disagree with me or anyone else on my blog, I ask that you do so in a manner that is respectful.  This includes commenting on other people’s comments.
  4. I reserve the right to delete your comments. This is my Blog. I don’t have to publish your comments. We certainly have freedom of speech in this country through the First Amendment, but not on my blog. Please remember that you have the right to have your own blog.      Specifically, I will delete your comments if you post something that is, in my sole opinion, a) snarky; b) off-topic; c) libelous, defamatory, abusive, harassing, threatening, profane, pornographic, offensive, false, misleading, or which otherwise violates or encourages others to violate my sense of civility, decorum or any law, including intellectual property laws; or d) “spam” i.e., attempts to advertise, solicit, or otherwise promote goods and services. You may however, post a link to your site or your most recent blog post.
  5. You retain ownership of your comments. I do not own them and expressly disclaim any and all liability that may result from them. By commenting on my site, you agree that you retain ownership rights in what you post here and that you will relieve me from any and all liability that may result from those postings.
  6. You grant me a license to post your comments.  This license is worldwide, irrevocable, non-exclusive, and royalty-free. You grant me the right to store, use, transmit, publish, reproduce, and distribute your comments in any format, including but not limited to a blog, in a book, a video, or presentation.