My AR-15


For about the last year and a half, I have been saving up my birthday and Christmas gift money for one thing. You’re looking at it.

She’s a Del-Ton Sierra in 5.56, with the od green Magpul package. I got a great deal for it on Gunbroker.

The rifle has the mid length gas system, which means the fore grip is also mid length. I’ve read that the middies have less perceived recoil, but if that’s the case, then I’m not perceiving.

Came with no rear sight, so I put a magpul rear flip sight (in od green) on the rail. I’m planning on a red dot later.

Inexplicably, it came with a black pmag (no window). So, just for the sake of matching, I did some trading with my FFL and upgraded to the proper od green pmag with the window.

Been wanting one of these for a while, but have never owned one before.

I’ve put precisely 40 rounds through it. As I get her broke in, I’ll try to keep you posted .


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  1. Looks good! Try moving that rear sight all the way to the rear of the upper receiver to maximize the sight radius, and get the aperture closer to your eye.

    I’ve been running a DelTon upper for a few years, no complaints at all.

  2. Was fun having my first rifle-shooting experience using your rifle.

  3. Always glad to help out a friend.

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