Molle Belt

molle - rifle

I wanted a utility belt that I could quickly put on and load up, and it had to be adaptable. That meant molle. You gotta love the flexibility that the platform and corresponding equipment provides. I’ve moved some of the items on my belt to other molle items with ease.

The belt sits under my backpack well, and can be used by itself or with other equipment. Having the weight centered on my waist (instead of my upper body) lets me move pretty fast. You can see me guarding my house siding while wearing the molle belt in the picture above.

belt layout

I’ll list all the items in the picture above and link them so you can further investigate if needed. The overall base starts with the Condor coyote molle battle belt, with the Fireforce 2 inch web belt inside.  Then the loadout from right to left is as follows:  OneTigris tan molle Grimlock D-ring, HSGI multicam pistol taco mag pouch, 2 HSGI multicam rifle taco mag pouches, Condor multicam dump pouch, Condor multicam gadget pouch, Blackhawk Serpa holster (painted), attached to Blackhawk molle adapter (also painted), and a second Grimlock D-ring

Keep in mind that I’m going for functional and affordable. Not interested in the best of the best (until I’m raking in the millions).

I’m considering switching a couple of these items out for something else. The gadget pouch (for instance) is great if you can see it, but since it’s behind me on the belt, It is hard to get in and out of it by feel. Will probably replace it with something that is simpler.

I originally decided to go with multicam on everything, but that version of Condor’s molle battle belt was not structurally sufficient. The webbing was not made of nylon, and was sagging and stretching under minimal stress. I also started with the Condor Tactical belt inside, but it was so thick that everything was a quarter inch out from my body, and rolling down off the belt. Additionally, I first had the HSGI Double Rifle, Single Pistol taco mag pouch, but it was so big and heavy in one concentrated area, that it impeded my arm movement, and felt like a brick was bouncing around on my side.


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