Memorial Day: Remembering Those who Died to Help Keep us Free


My family and friends will gather together this weekend as we do every Memorial Day. There will be cooking out, playing outside and sharing stories together (both old and new). There have been years past when I have completely missed what this holiday is really about. But not this time.

I am striving to keep something in front of me. It’s not just about the family, food and fun. I don’t want to take all that I appreciate for granted. Someone else paid for all this.

At some time, somewhere someone gave their life for my freedom. I don’t know their name or their face, yet I am indebted to them all the same.

Their sacrifice paid for my freedoms. They made it possible to vote, have free speech and bear arms.

Their sacrifice helps make my country secure. Through them I can live in peace without fear

Because they made the sacrifice, I don’t have to.

Thank you.


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