Meet Pistol Packin’ Dad


There is a quote in the first Matrix movie that says “Know Yourself”. Much like Neo, I am still learning who I am. I probably learn something new every day.

One thing I’ve discovered is my passion for firearms and shooting. I love it! Ever since the first shot, I’ve been hooked. Maybe it’s the sport. Maybe it’s the power. Perhaps it’s the challenge.

I’m guessing that you’ve probably read the name of my blog and already deducted my love for guns, so I’ll tell you what you don’t know. Here goes…


I’m an average guy, 45 years old, married with a daughter. We live in eastern Ohio, near the river by the same name.

My wife and I own a very modest graphic design business that we run out of our home. We also home school our daughter, who is 13 years old. We’re home together a lot… all three of us… almost all the time. Did I say a lot?


I attend church and am a believer in Jesus Christ. I try to follow Him, but sometimes get lost. I’m also a recovering addict. I’ve worked my recovery for about 10 years so far.


My first trigger-pull with a real gun was at about thirteen years old and of course I also had the Red Ryder-type BB gun long before that. We didn’t shoot real guns very much around my house, but I did get several opportunities when I was young.

I’ve shot small and large caliber hunting rifles (I don’t hunt), a muzzle loader, shotguns, revolvers, semi-automatic pistols and AR-15s. I’m not an expert, but I certainly enjoyed shooting them.

I made my first gun purchase because I felt unsafe in this crazy world and wanted to protect myself and my family.

I have assisted with Concealed Carry classes (every chance I get) for about 5 years.


My mission in writing this blog is to reach out to other people who, like me have a passion for shooting. Maybe you are drawn to guns like I am. Perhaps you’re just curious about the whole world of firearms.

I would like to share my stories and my life with you in the hope that I can in some way enrich your life as well. You don’t have to know a thing about firearms to read this blog. Hopefully I have something to offer to both the novice and the expert.

I will be hitting all the areas of the gun world that interest me (which is just about everything). This includes the everyday topics like cleaning and caring for your weapon, storage and safety. It also includes more exciting topics like some of the military weapons out there and what it’s like to shoot them. I’m also interested in discussing the Second Amendment.

What Makes Me Different

My blog is about the positive. I’m not edgy. I won’t be using crass or foul language. You won’t see or read inappropriate or pornographic material in my posts or advertisements.  I guess I’m sort of “family friendly”.


One of the purposes of this blog is to create conversation between you, my readers and myself. I would also like to see you readers have conversations amongst yourselves about the topics I bring up. We’ll see how it goes.

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  1. Astewart says:

    I’ve grown up around guns because of hunting.
    I’ve always been comfortable around them.
    I went through CCW but did not get my actual permit to carry right away.
    Why? I couldn’t/maybe still can’t figure out how guns and my faith mix. However when a local was carjacked I thought if a gun could deter someone from driving away with my precious cargo(kiddos), well then alright. So my CCW certificate was 2 weeks from expiring when I finally proceeded to complete the process.

    Still don’t have it all figured out. Hunting, sure. The rest, God mercifully lead me.

  2. Ken Horm says:

    So, how long have you been around firearms and is my experience similar to or different from yours when it comes to shooting?
    I have been around guns since I was 7. I am a hunter, so most of my guns that I own are geared toward hunting. They are a perfect mix of shotguns and rifles. The shotguns are 12 and 20 gauges set up for deer, turkey, waterfowl, and small game. My rifles range from the small 22 and 223, to the larger 308 and 300 Win Mag. I have a 9mm and 40 for conceal carry. My wife also has her CCW and we have already got our son started in the right direction with 5 guns of his own, which he hasn’t shot yet, but we are going to start working on gun safety with him. I have no need for a tactical AR or AK type gun, but I think they are cool and would be fun to shoot. Do I need one? No. Do I want one? No. But I believe that others like to shoot them and they have every right to own one.

  3. Seems like I’ve been around guns all my life. Enjoy the sport and also hunt. My wife recently started shooting which is cool. She loves her Glock!!!

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