Law Enforcement Shooting Practice


I was able to sit down and talk with a friend of mine Sunday. He’s a local law enforcement officer here in the area.


He shared with me about a competition event he recently participated in. The competition was specifically held for LEOs to help them with their firearm practice.

This particular “2 gun” competition involved moving from station to station, using a shotgun first and then a pistol. There were several stations and sections.

Number of Rounds

I asked my friend how many rounds he went through that day and he had to stop and calculate. After doing some quick calculations he responded, “About a thousand.” Wow. I don’t think I’ve fired that many rounds this year.

I then asked him if his department paid for the ammunition. “Yep, they cover it all.” Suddenly, I’m quite jealous.

It’s All Good

Now please don’t get me wrong. I have absolutely nothing against our law enforcement officers practicing with this many rounds regularly. I’m glad they do. It means our communities are that much safer.

I just want me to shoot that many rounds in one day. I’m kind of a starving artist so to speak, and don’t get to do what I enjoy as much as I wish. Unfortunately the “sport” of shooting can be a little pricey.

If I have to choose, I guess I would prefer my police friend went through more rounds than I do. But maybe he could share if there’s any extra.

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