It’s My Job to Protect My Family


OK, I’ll just come out and say it now. Some of you may not appreciate this one. It probably flies in the face of how some of you have been raised, but here goes…

My Role

It is my job to protect my family. As the head of the household, I have a duty to be the first line of defense. This can apply to many different arenas in life: spiritual, emotional, physical.

I believe that it is my responsibility to make sure my wife and daughter are protected from everything from the possible predatory boyfriend to the perp who wants to break into the house. If there is danger, I am the one who must step up and defend my family.


Some in society have made it unpopular to take the “strong Dad” role, but you know what? Don’t care. I’ve decided that I won’t allow myself to be castrated by those who are afraid of strong men. A man was made by God to be strong.

Some say that it is our government’s job to protect us, not our job. Have you ever heard the following saying? “When seconds count, the police can be there in minutes.”

In the first crucial minutes of an emergency, I don’t have time to depend on the government. I’ve got to act now. It’s my job. I will appreciate it when they get there, but I ain’t patiently waiting for them.


That means I need to be properly equipped, trained and prepared. In the face of deadly force, I need deadly force. If I must take a life to save my family, then I will. It’s my job and I’m prepared to do the best I can to do it.


Do you agree that it is the man’s role to provide protection for the family?

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