It Can Happen That Fast


In a moment your life can drastically be changed by an accident with a firearm. This is especially true when children are involved.

Close to Home

Recently a young family that I am acquainted with has had a horrible experience involving their toddler and a handgun. The father apparently left a pistol out on a relatively high surface (like a table) and loaded for protection against a break in.

I’m guessing the parents calculated that the child could not reach the weapon, but for those of us who have had children, we know better. Curious, developing toddlers can reach places that seem physically impossible.

The Bullet that Can’t be Replaced

When the child pulled the gun off the surface, it fell to the floor and discharged. By the grace of God the bullet only struck one of the toddler’s limbs.

It could have been a lot worse. But the damage was done, and it was bad enough.


Not only did the young child require emergency surgery, but the law also intervened (obviously). The police and Child and Family Protective Services quickly swooped in and did what they do.

Because the handgun belonged to the father, he was immediately removed from the home. He has to live with friends from their church.

Also the father is not allowed to see the child until a court hearing.

Just a Poor Choice

These young adults aren’t bad people, but they made a bad choice. I know that they love their child very much and did not want anything like this to happen.

I’m sure that if they could do it all over again, they would not have left the gun out on the “high” surface. But it happened that fast.

What Can We Learn

This hits close to home for me. Even though our daughter is 8, I never leave my handguns unattended even when they are unloaded.

My pistols are either on my person, or in our biometric safe. I would recommend that all of us take the precautions needed to ensure that we are responsible with the deadly weapons we own.


What do you do to make sure your firearms are safe and out of reach from those who are young?

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