How to Establish Your Dominant Eye

dominant eye

For those out there who have been shooting for a while, this post may be a little rudimentary. I’m going to talk about how to establish your dominant eye.

For those who are new to the shooting world, establishing your dominant eye is crucial.

The dominant eye is the one you should be lining up through your gun sights to the target. Not using your dominant eye causes all sorts of havoc.

The Technique

There is a quick and simple way to establish/verify the dominant eye by using both of your hands. I’d like to thank my CCW class instructor for teaching me this technique.

Take you two hands and interlock them so that a little space can be seen between them. (See the picture above)

Then pick a point somewhere in front of you. If you are inside it could be a doorknob. Outside, it could be a rock. Whatever.

With your hands interlocked and extended out as far as you can, place the “hole” over the point you have picked.

Then pull your hands back toward your sight while keeping the point (doorknob, rock) in the hole between your hands.

Your hands will come back to your dominant eye. Simple as that.

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