Happy Independence Day

declaration of independence

On the Fourth of July there’s fireworks, hotdogs, parades, and flags. Friends and family get together and hang. Games are played and stories are told and retold.

But there’s one story I’d like to remember……..The story of how our country declared independence from England. On July 4th, 1776 our founding fathers adopted the Declaration of Independence. This document stated that God Himself created us to be free from other men.

As can be expected, England wasn’t interested in giving up the colonies. The result was the Revolutionary War. That war cost many lives and ultimately bought our freedom.

But what if it never happened? Had the men who stood for our freedoms chosen instead to run and hide, we might live in a very different world. Perhaps the freedoms we now enjoy wouldn’t be possible.

Freedom of religion, freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, protection from unlawful search and seizure, trial by jury, all of these rights and more may not be available to us had men not laid it on the line and resisted “The Mother Country”.

It is easy to take all this for granted, but what if it wasn’t available? When we imagine what life on this soil would be like if we had never resisted England’s tyranny, we are also realizing what life in this country will be like if our freedoms are taken away.

Freedom and democracy are a fragile thing. If it is not protected and nurtured, it will die and there are many who would love to see just that.

As we celebrate the 4th, remember those who stood and even died so that we could be free. Also remember that all that they won for us isn’t guaranteed. The truth is that we must still fight to stay free.

Happy Independence Day.

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