Gun-Free Zones: Magnets


If you take a magnet and hold it closely over small metal objects (like paper clips, screws, nails, or keys) what will happen? The objects will seemingly jump up and onto the magnet.

I know it has to do with electrons on the atomic level, but that’s as far as it goes for me. But because I’ve seen it done so many times it’s just accepted common sense. That’s what a magnet does.

Gun-Free Zones

Posted gun-free zones are like magnets. It’s not accepted by all as common sense, but it’s still reality. People who would commit crimes and/or violence are like the pieces of metal. They are strongly attracted to these areas. Why?


Whether it be murder, rape or robbery, predators have a goal in mind. There is an objective they desire to accomplish. Gun-free zones are simply the path of least resistance to accomplish that goal.

Zones that are NOT gun-free aren’t the easy road.  There is obviously the potential in these areas for a citizen to be carrying a lethal weapon (probably concealed).

Why would predators do their dirty work where it’s difficult and dangerous for them when they can do it where it’s easy and safe?


The movie theater shooter in Aurora, Colorado bypassed several theaters that were closer to where he lived (but weren’t posted as gun-free). Instead he went further to the Century 16 movie theater that was posted as a gun-free zone.

I would suggest a large part of why he chose the further theater to do his killing was because there wouldn’t be anyone there who could resist him.

How Did We Get Here?

Somewhere along the political line, someone thought it would be civilized and humane to keep guns away from “sensitive” spots.  After all, those people carrying guns legally could use them on innocents.

But the opposite actually happened. Now the smart killer looks for a school or movie theater that is going to be free of those who would stop him. They are attracted to gun-free zones….Like magnets.


What do you think of gun-free zones?

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