Glock 42


Glock 42

I’ve got to be honest, the new concealed carry minded Glock 42 has me torn. Do I like it, do I not like it?

It’s the smallest Glock ever made. It’s chambered in the less powerful .380, but it’s frame is not THAT small. The new Glock seems to be stuck between two worlds.

The dimensions are pretty darn close to the competition’s pocket 9 millimeters. Width .94″, length 5.94″, and height 4.34″. The size of this .380 (9mm short) all match or exceed the frames of the other guys’ 9mm luger. This begs the question, why not make it in 9mm?

Reports are that Glock can’t just use the same frame and cross-engineer to the 9mm because the handle/magazine well aren’t deep enough. The company would have to reengineer if they ever decide to go the tiny 9mm route (and there are a lot of guys out there that wish they would).

Most companies’ .380 pistols are tiny. They are extremely easy to hide…..but not so easy to shoot.

And I think this is actually where the 42’s strength comes in. For someone who can’t handle the kick of a small 9mm, or the even smaller .380, this gives them a little move weight and size to shoot a smaller cartridge with.

Would I pick this as my carry gun of choice? No I would rather have a 9mm in this particular size or a  smaller .380. But then there is my wife…..

Now that’s where I can see it being a good gun. The Glock 42 is a little bigger, but shoots a smaller caliber (less kick). My wife would rather shoot my full-sized Glock 22 (in all it’s glory) and be able to hold on to it, than shoot my tiny .380 that she feels like she can’t get a handle on. In that sense, The 42 is the best of both worlds.

Then there’s the fact that it’s a Glock. For some people that’s enough to get on the long waiting list at their local gun shop. I personally know someone who put themselves on the list through the LEO purchase program. I’m pretty sure at least one of the reasons he bought it is not because it’s the perfect carry gun, or because of it’s knockdown power, but simply because it’s a Glock.

Since I also love Glocks, I wouldn’t mind having one around the house for the wife. If I had the extra dough, I just might make the purchase.

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