First Day Packin’

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Yesterday I went and picked up my concealed carry permit. I decided to exercise that right quickly, so within hours I was back out in public carrying my weapon concealed.


Before I went out, I decided I would carry with one in the chamber. If something actually happened (God forbid) I thought having to rack one into the chamber might actually be a danger.


Before I chambered the pistol and put it into the holster I asked God to guide everything I did. It is He who trains my hands for war, it will be He who is with me if there is ever a need to pull my weapon (again I say God forbid).

Off I Went

Then I was out the door. I had never driven, or walked in public (off of my property) with it strapped to my side. A round in the pipe no less.

I went to Lowe’s and then the  grocery store . My wife and daughter came with me. Nothing happened. No big whoop.

Self Conscious

At first it was a little weird. I felt like I was doing something wrong. You’re not supposed to be doing this…… No, I have a legal permit. I’m good.

There was some irony involved. I was the only one in those establishments that felt awkward, because no one else even knew. And that’s the way it should be. No one is supposed to know.

Not a Big Deal

I guess that’s the point of the day. It was no big deal. A lot of people, for different reasons, put undue emphasis on the act of carrying concealed (or carrying at all). But I began to ask myself what all the hubbub was about. The whole thing was a non-issue.

I’m Taking God with Me

In addition, I think I started something significant. I plan on Inviting God to come with me every time I go out into the world with my pistol on. I don’t want to do something this (potentially) important without Him.


Does anyone out there have a story about your first day?

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