Extra Pmags


With a little extra dough from Christmas presents, I bought 2 more pmags to add to the first one I bought with the AR-15.

As you can see, they are the windowed version, which I love. You may not be able to to tell from the lighting of the picture, but they are Magpul od green. Each holds 30 rounds. I currently can put 90 downrange before I have to switch to my backup.

Lately, I have been gaga over Magpul gear. They simply make great stuff. All of it is quite functional, and looks good too.

These pmags are no exception. there is a reason why the pmag is arguably the most popular AR-15 magazine on the market. They have a solid feel, good grip, fit into the mag well perfectly and allow for reliable feeding of ammunition into the chamber.

The little window thingy is nice too. I don’t have to count shots. The brightly painted orange section of the magazine spring shows me the approximate number left. Beautiful.

What else can I say, Love ’em. Merry Christmas to me.

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