Evening Road Trip


Last night our daughter stayed at Grandma and Pa’s so my wife and I were free for a date night. We decided we’d go for a little evening drive.

My father-in-law owns a 1978 Fiat convertible and offered to let us drive it any time. So we did.

The Weaponry

I had the .380 in the holster on my hip (+1) and I brought the Glock in the man purse as well (just in case).

The Best Laid Plans…

My plan was well thought out. First we’d stop by a couple’s house whom we hang out with regularly to show them the car. After that we’d get back out on the road again.

Finally we would drive to a second friend’s house who lives about a half hour away. Visit briefly and then come on home. Maybe a couple hours max. We’d be home before the summer sun had been down for very long.

Of Mice and Men

We spent a little longer than I thought showing off the car to the couple (should have seen that one coming). We stopped off to get a snack because I was hungry (makes sense). The back roads to the second friend’s house took quite a bit longer than the interstate would (of course). And then the kicker…….

The Detour

There was road construction on one of the roads I planned on taking. The detour took us at least 20 miles out of our way.

By the time we were taking said detour, the sun was down, and we were in the boonies. And we still hadn’t even gotten to the second friend’s house.

Little Weird

Now driving with my wife at my side in a small Italian sports car convertible with a manual transmission in the daylight hours is a good time.

Driving with the top down, cold, on back roads in the dark with no cell signal while the gas is running lower than I’m comfortable with is not as good. I was listening for the banjos.


We saw a well lit gas station on the detour and gladly pulled over. I pumped the gas while Jennifer sat in the car. Then I pulled the top up. So we wouldn’t freeze in July.

End Result

We ended up getting to the second house around 11:00. It was almost 11:30 when we left. Then we headed home.

Since we decided on not taking the interstate home, we took more back roads. I pulled the Fiat into our driveway well after midnight.


To be honest, I was really glad I had my guns. I felt a little exposed there.

It felt good to be prepared. More than likely, nothing bad was going to happen. But it could have.

I’m just glad we didn’t plan a longer weekend road trip. We’d be out there until December.


Any road trips you’d like to share a story about?


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  1. Trust me. Your wife was glad you were carrying too. It might not have been what we planned, but it sure was fun. 😉

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