Deep Trigger Issues

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At The Range

For “range day” during my CCW class, I shot both my little Taurus .380 and my full-sized Glock .40. I decided to start with the .380 because I knew this would probably be the piece I would carry concealed most in public.

The Problem

The trouble was, I couldn’t hit my target with it. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. My sights were directly on the target at 10 feet.  I pulled slowly and smoothly, but my shots were consistently to the right about 6 inches.

The Trauma and Drama

This was traumatically embarrassing.  Everyone was watching. My inability became painfully obvious to the whole class when I was the only one to miss on ALL shots during the bowling pin drill.  I started to look for a barn with a broad side.

The Discovery

Luckily, one of the instructors monitoring the firing line (who happened to be in law enforcement) noticed a crucial flaw in my trigger mechanics.  The trigger was too deep on my finger (see picture left above).  I was putting the second pad of my finger on the trigger. I’m right handed, so during trigger pull, my wrist was pushing my entire hand…… the right.

The Logic

This discovery made total sense. I’m used to my Glock (with a double stack), that has a deep, thick handle. The single stack handle on the Taurus .380 is very shallow and thin.

The Fix

The instructors told me to put the 3rd pad of my finger on the trigger instead (see picture right above).  At first it felt unnatural, but I relearned fairly quickly. That immediately fixed the previous problem of missing to the right.  As soon as I did this, I was able to hit 2 out of 3 on the bowling pins.  You know what they say……2 out of 3 ‘aint bad.


Of course after that I started using the Glock. With that pistol it was much easier to stay on target from the start.  That made me feel like I had redeemed myself in front of the class.


Have you ever had similar trigger mechanic issues?

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