Couples Shooting Night

dan .38 sp.

I recently posted about a road trip that my wife and I took together. Our first stop was at a couple’s house who we are friends with. We showed up totally unannounced and were warmly welcomed.

Dan (my friend) and I have shot together on several occasions. He has a great setup in his back yard where we can throw lead. The hill just behind where we shoot is perfect.

First Time

My wife has been showing some interest in shooting my .380, so I thought this would be the perfect time, so I asked her if she was interested. She accepted, although she looked a little reluctant.

She’s never shot anything before, ever. With this in mind, I thought I better go easy on my lovely bride.

I just had her shoot 3 rounds to get used to the kick and sound. I wasn’t concerned with having her hit the target, although she came pretty close.

She was a trooper considering that 3 other people were watching. To make things even more difficult, the case from the first round flew right back and smacked her in the forehead.

In my defense, I’ve never seen it do that before. But my brave wife got back on the horse and shot the remaining rounds. I’m proud of her.


Then Dan’s wife shot her Smith & Wesson .38 special snub-nosed revolver. I believe it was her first time shooting that particular gun. She has shot before.

Dan shot the snubbie next (picture above). He seemed to do the best of all of us that night with the little revolver.

After him I took some shots with the .38 special. I found this to be an interesting gun because it has both a shrouded hammer (so it’s Double Action Only) and an integrated laser sight. The button on the laser sight is where the middle finger rests.

I was surprised at how long and heavy the trigger was. It was something that would take some getting used to If I wanted to be effective with it. I hit the target (mostly) but not where the laser was aiming.


Since I brought it, I offered to let Dan shoot my Glock 22 since he hadn’t ever shot it before. He put ten rounds into the target. Dan has a Glock 34, which is the .9mm competition pistol (love that gun) and a Glock 27, which is the sub compact .40, so he’s used to the brand.

After that, I finished the night putting 5 rounds down range in the Glock. I actually put one right through the bullseye at 15 feet, which my wife can verify. I was reminded why I bought that gun. Love how it shoots.

We all talked for a little more and then my wife and I hit the bricks. A good time was had by all.


How about you? Do you get to enjoy couples shooting?

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